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Jason McCord’s website hosting is not a business. It is a relationship between friends, ministries, and businesses. I offer my friends top-tier services that are on my dedicated server. This platform is almost like renting your house to your friends and family. I sell (rent out) space and bandwidth on my server so I can use resources that I want without breaking my bank. By offering these services out to you I do not have to spend the thousands of dollars for space, licenses, and other aggravations with purchasing hosting from other companies. (I am the Hosting Company.) All you need now is the domain!

Here is what you get when you host your website through me. Each account has its own cPanel and access to Softaculous. You get 5GB of SSD Webspace, 200GB of Bandwidth with UNLIMITED Subdomains, Email Accounts, FTP, Mailing Lists, and Databases.

You will have access to the best tools to build your website. I offer Free SSL’s, WordPress, Forum software, and other 1’click scripts. The great drop-n-drag, SitePad. The latest access to PHP, Maria DB, Cloud Linux, and DDoS Protection. Your emails are protected by the latest email Spam Assassin, SPF, Domain Keys, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. You can also set up Unlimited Email Forwards and Autoresponders within your account and have a web-based email collection.

My server is located at the Databanc Center in Dallas, Texas. The uptime of your website is guaranteed to be 99%. I will give you 7 days to test it out and if not, you get all your money back.

I charge $55 per year and your payment must be made by **June 1st. I take Checks, Cashier Checks from your bank, USPS Money Orders, and Paypal. You can also use your Credit Card via Paypal. If you start your hosting plan before or after June your rate will prorate, and it works out to be about $4.60 a month.

If you need more space, no problem. Here is the price for multiple accounts… (note: It’s upgraded space on your original account. You don’t actually get more cPanel accounts.)

Account x 2 = 10GB ($85) Account x 3 = 25GB ($150) Account x 4 = 50GB ($200)

Note: If you sign up you will be required to give me your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email address.

* I charge $5 per day that your payment is past due. *

Jason McCord has been offering website hosting rentals since Friday, July 1, 2016.

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